Vertigine is a constant project over time.  The game with water and color, elusive and unstoppable, like a hummingbird that remains suspended in midair, motionless, for that split second, the vertigo, of remaining suspended without being able to do anything.  Magic in an instant.  the diary of my soul.


For the Aztecs, these small colored beings, endowed with a unique and perfect flight, represented the souls of the warriors who, dead in battle, were reborn in the form of hummingbirds or butterflies.  In fact, for the Aztecs he represented the God of war.

 The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world but despite this it is also a born combative, uses its beak like a sword, and fights to the limit to protect the nest and the territory.

 For the Hopi Indians of Arizona, the hummingbird appears as a hero, god of the sun and author of solar heat, saved mankind from famine by sprouting plants.

 This little acrobat of the air, with his courage and the beauty of him has always fascinated anyone who had a quick enough look to see him.

 There are 342 different species of hummingbirds in the world, and who knows if, hidden in the Amazon rainforest, there are others.  Mine sure are fluttering all over the place playing and dancing in honor of Mother Earth.