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 My name is Camilla Mosconi, I was born in Milan in 1985. I really love my city that has seen me grow up among its narrow streets in the center;  I carry many atmospheres of her, between the lights of the courtyards of the Cathedral.

 Her rhythms, on the other hand, have never been in tune with mine, her colors always tending to gray, the little green between the so much concrete have always led me to look for a way to escape.  My passion for books was born right here, from the curiosity to see, know and somehow feel the world out there that fascinated me so much.  I was born into a creative family and I was particularly attached to my dad, who loved working wood to make beautiful furniture or objects, and to my sister who invents very special lamps using recycled materials and a wonderful mother who taught me to love things beautiful, which can be a flower or a smile.  My childhood memories are linked to the scent of shavings and that magical dust of the laboratory from which amazing works came out.


 I followed my instinct and my passions, I graduated from the Liceo Artistico Orsoline and then continued to study art and photography at the New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA). After university I worked for four years as an assistant to Fabrizio Braghieri, aka Bixio , an established and well-known Milanese artist.  I worked in the studio, organized, archived, prepared the canvases, the pigments, looked at the techniques, absorbed the colors: and there, in that delicate and crazy world of his, I was able to learn how to move in the world of art.  For all the previous years I had only had photography in front of me as a professional lens, fashion, design, that was where I wanted to arrive: instead, working in a painting studio, I savored the contact with the canvases, the scent of oil colors, that so intimate way of seeing reality, I realized that I had to somehow unite my passions, the camera lacked my manual skills today, and my manual skills lacked that stopping of time, that particular, which creates an emotion in me.  


And here I am, looking for the right inspiration in nature, studying the untranslatable magic of a tree or a hummingbird.  I get lost in the colors, in the pigments, in the glazes, in the inks, and I listen to my inner voices, the whines of my dogs, the caresses of my affections and all the noises of nature.  I look, listen, shoot, paint, and travel.  I have always reacted to life by setting out on a journey, looking for different lights, colors, nature, putting myself to the test by seeing how far I can go.  I have lived in Brazil in recent years, between the white dunes of the desert and the waves of the Atlantic, the wild nature that commands, that way of life completely different from what I was used to that made me grow internally but also in my drawings, the search for the sacred animals that live within us, the search for roots through trees drawn with a simple bic pen.

 My spiritual research merges with my photographs, my drawings, my travels, and everything is in constant motion, change.

 In the last difficult years of the pandemic I have moved to Uruguay, where I am experiencing new adventures with new scents and colors.


  To be continued ...


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personal exhibitions

  • “Il senso di Camilla per le mani”- Leopardi13 – 2005
  • “Il senso di Camilla per le mani” – BOH?! Cafè – 2006
  • “Luci e ombra di Milano” – Banca Cesare Ponti – 2007
  • “Viaggio Statico” – Sergent Pepper’s – 2008
  • “Kami” – Victoria cafè - 2011
  • “Equilibri notturni” -  Charms preziosi – 2012
  • “Giochi di vertigine” – Art21 – 2012
  • “vertigini in viaggio” -  Quartino –  2013
  • "Vertigine" - Zen - 2014
  • "In capo al mondo" - Uoma - 2014
  • "kodama #2" - work exposed in Casa na Praia Jericoacoara - Brazil 2018

Collective exhibitions

  • RotarArt – 2006 – Spazio Pasticceria De Sanctis 
  • Arte sul Naviglio Grande XXIV Edizione - 2011 
  • Scatti per bene - Asta benefica per CAF Onlus – 2009 - Sotheby’s 
  • Scatti per bene - Asta benefica per CAF Onlus – 2010 - Sotheby’s 
  • Minerva d’Artista - 2012 - sculture della Minerva armata di Pavia rielaborate da artisti di fama internazionale 
  • Mostra collettiva – 2013 – Associazione culturale Ohibò


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